A Cat’s Point of View

A Cat's Point of View Cat Eyes Perspective Opinion Rat Race Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  From behind these yellow eyes I watch humans chase after lies Back & forth you rush for days All in your futile little rat-race You are constantly filled with rage, since you have not found the keys to your cage But true freedom can only grace those who look beyond another’s face How much … Continue reading A Cat’s Point of View


Publish or Perish

Piranhas PhD Journey Tanzelle Oberholster Academia Abuse Mind Frame Shift anddnasci.wordpress

  They all would deny how they readily rely on egos drenched in pride and that it's all built on lies   Several tools at their disposal all with which to exact reprisal against those who dare refuse to be hung by their dreadful noose   Bullies, cowards and theives they belittle and steal your … Continue reading Publish or Perish

PoI: Persons of Inspiration

POI Persons of Inspiration Encouragement Dreams Enlightenment Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  Sometimes in life, especially during dark times someone, be it through a spiritual guide or divine intervention, sends you a person of inspiration.   Their timely arrival may seem serendipitous, a strange working of synchronicity.   They meet you during a chance encounter at the mall or you happen upon their post in the … Continue reading PoI: Persons of Inspiration

The Dreamer (La Soñadora by Enya)

La Sonadora The Dreamer Enya Lyrics Translated English MindFrameShift Tanzelle Oberholster andDNAsci.wordpress

  I; the autumn I; the evening star I have been an echo I shall be a wave I shall be the moon I have been everything, I am myself I; the summer I; the ebony I am the dreamer   https://youtu.be/7HdADxDNIH0   Yo; el otono Yo; el vespero He sido un eco. Sere una … Continue reading The Dreamer (La Soñadora by Enya)

Life after Death? Where Nature, Science and Art meet

Time Travel Space Cryopreservation Freeze Storage Freezing Cryobiology Neuropreservation Human Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift

The preservation of singular cells has been possible for quite some time. In science, we regularly freeze bacterial cells in the laboratory for long-term storage (at -80oC with some sort of 'biological' anti-freeze, like glycerol). In medicine, the freezing of human cells, such as bone marrow, blood and reproductive cells is common practice. However, our … Continue reading Life after Death? Where Nature, Science and Art meet

Moon Dance

Moon Dance Magic Midnight Light Glow Energy Flow Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

    How would you know if I danced by the light of the full moon, when the time is twelve hours passed the noon   The ritual has but begun and to be complete, each night hereafter shall see it repeat   Few would understand the magic at work, and fewer still wold appreciate … Continue reading Moon Dance

The Bodiless

The Bodiless Formless Incorporeal No Physical Form Intuition Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  What if you had no physical form? No body to call your own? You simply existed in incorporeal form.   When you cannot be seen, how would you let others know of your being?   Do you scream until your voice is no longer heard or do you make yourself known through a certain … Continue reading The Bodiless

Poetry ~ Too Much (Friday Funnies) by Sue Viseth

Weirdos Unite!

This is my first attempt at a reblog, so after reading up on some Reblogging Etiquette I am adding a few extra lines in here:

This is wonderful little poem by Sue Viseth over at An Artist’s Path, one I can really relate to and hence decided to share 🙂 Please make sure to pop over to her site too!

I also created a different Author i.e. ‘Reblogged Content’ to distinguish between my content, guest bloggers and the reblogged bloggers content LOL!

An Artist’s Path

They said she was
wacky and a bit
“too much”
too cheerful,
too silly,
too animated,
too wound up.
She was
a dreamer,
an artist,
a writer,
a poet,
a mystic.
But try
as they might
they could not
dim her light.
Now she haunts
the blogosphere
where weirdos unite!

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Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit Strength Endurance Will Freedom Soul Warrior Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  The Dragon raises its head from slumbers deep against those who seek to destroy its inner keep   Many a battle it has fought before drawing upon the power within its glowing core it will allow this transgression no more!   Sometimes fire is the only measure against those who would steal your crafted … Continue reading Dragon Spirit

My Silent Refuge: An Observation during Meditation

My Silent Refuge Meditation Drabble Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

The rain patters against my shell. A distant roar of thunder reverberates against my shield. My breath rises and falls to the ebb and flow of my mind. Another crash of waves on my shore. The sea of chatter pulls away once more. Don't indulge the nagging, let it through - in by the front … Continue reading My Silent Refuge: An Observation during Meditation