Chasing Expectations

Chasing Expectations Standards Adjust Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

Experience never errs. Only your judgement errs by promising itself results which your experiments didn't produce. Leonardo da Vinci, 1452 - 1519     We are occupied with the fulfillment of goals and plans.   These are healthy and give us purpose, but the expectation of their outcome leaves them unsatisfactory when finally completed. My … Continue reading Chasing Expectations


The Code of Life

The Code of Life DNA Genetic Genes Information Life Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  A, C, G, T what will the next one in the sequence be?   A double helix twisted round How many base pairs can you count?   Genetic information must be read right else the organism may succumb to blight   Cellular mechanisms and protein tricks ensures that all the bases sticks   Should … Continue reading The Code of Life

The Flow

The Flow Writing Friend Muse Poem Rhyme Words Page Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  I do try to make my writing flow, when the words fall upon the page just so each with clear cadence and brings a certain iridescence   A poem isn’t a necessary feature although the rhymes to tend do become their own creature   The words spill from my pen to hopefully instil some zen … Continue reading The Flow

Whale Song

Whale Song Free Freedom Music Life Journey Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  Deep within the echoes of the blue Rings a melody strong and true Alight with harmonisations, and tonal hues   Bellowing its chorus from the sea Others do not believe the creature that it chose to be A spiritual nomad, a wandered and one who is free   I hear its song of long … Continue reading Whale Song

Seeing is Believing

  The golden rule of science: provide the evidence, proof, data or results. Do not take anything at face value. However, when clinging too rigidly to such a statement, do we not become fools ourselves? Does it not become a religion in its own right? A fanatical belief that nothing can be true nor exist … Continue reading Seeing is Believing

Whispers from the Sea

Whispers from the Sea Tanzelle Oberholster Storm Nature Finding Yourself Survivor Rebirth Transform Willpower Warrior Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

Shouting into the storm Swallowed by my fury Spilling onto the floor All I was no more   How can you tell where the pieces have fell lost between the cracks there is no turning back   The sound of waves crashing clear as I leap into my fears a plunge into the deep into … Continue reading Whispers from the Sea

A Cat’s Point of View

A Cat's Point of View Cat Eyes Perspective Opinion Rat Race Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  From behind these yellow eyes I watch humans chase after lies Back & forth you rush for days All in your futile little rat-race You are constantly filled with rage, since you have not found the keys to your cage But true freedom can only grace those who look beyond another’s face How much … Continue reading A Cat’s Point of View

Publish or Perish

Piranhas PhD Journey Tanzelle Oberholster Academia Abuse Mind Frame Shift anddnasci.wordpress

  They all would deny how they readily rely on egos drenched in pride and that it's all built on lies   Several tools at their disposal all with which to exact reprisal against those who dare refuse to be hung by their dreadful noose   Bullies, cowards and theives they belittle and steal your … Continue reading Publish or Perish

PoI: Persons of Inspiration

POI Persons of Inspiration Encouragement Dreams Enlightenment Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress

  Sometimes in life, especially during dark times someone, be it through a spiritual guide or divine intervention, sends you a person of inspiration.   Their timely arrival may seem serendipitous, a strange working of synchronicity.   They meet you during a chance encounter at the mall or you happen upon their post in the … Continue reading PoI: Persons of Inspiration