Guest Posting

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Are you a scientists who enjoys writing? Have an interesting topic or insight? Would like to showcase your research, ideas or writing on Mind Frame Shift?

Then pop me a message and maybe we can collaborate!


Guest Post Guidelines:

  • Topics: Science, Nature and Art
  • For Science Topics: Only publicly available research! Beware of copyright/intellectual property infringements!
  • Style: Mostly informal with lost of interest or discussion points (remember you have to engage the reader! No stick-in-the-mud droning!)
  • 750-1000 words (with approx. 250 words spare each way)
  • At least 3 pictures (either your own or public domain pictures)
  • Quotes allowed with full attribution
  • Drabbles also welcome (100 words) with at least one picture (either your own or public domain pictures)
  • Reference to sources of information, pictures or videos (short-hand style in text, list at the bottom of article – you know the drill… see example)
  • Controversial/Prickly topics are welcome as long as they are tasteful and appropriate
  • Email as MS Word format for proof reading and editing
  • Mind Frame Shift posts on Saturdays at the moment & posts are automatically shared to all Mind Frame Shift linked social media accounts
  • Example of a Guest Post on Mind Frame Shift
  • Example of a Drabble on Mind Frame Shift


Picture: Stocksnap @ Pixabay Free Images