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I have been a blogger since 2011. Collectively, my blogs have amassed nearly 150 articles (average 2000 words in length) along with nearly half a million page-views in total. Now I have decided that it is likely time to showcase my writing without an alias. Thus, this blog is a means of expression as a creative outlet for writing; sometimes of Science, often of Nature and maybe a bit of Art. Articles will mostly be opinion pieces, and thus do not reflect the opinions of my current or former employers nor educational institutions. I will likely post once a month, maybe less when life interferes and perhaps more if life permits.


I am formally educated in Molecular Biology with specialization in Genetics, Biotechnology and Microbiology (see Tanzelle Oberholster LinkedIn Profile). I write here to share my research, my ideas and my writing. This is an ongoing experiment with no rigid expectations, with loads of flexibility and plenty of adjustments as I go.




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