Publish or Perish

Piranhas PhD Journey Tanzelle Oberholster Academia Abuse Mind Frame Shift anddnasci.wordpress


They all would deny

how they readily rely

on egos drenched in pride

and that it’s all built on lies


Several tools at their disposal

all with which to exact reprisal

against those who dare refuse

to be hung by their dreadful noose


Bullies, cowards and theives

they belittle and steal your dreams

then laugh at you foolish beliefs

vehemently refusing reprieve


Values and morals it abhors

sick, twisted and corrupted it distorts

not allowing science to thrive and explore

because nobody cares anymore


Cannibalistic social tendencies

have become a cultural dependency

yet some hope still clings stubbornly

for education to once again become the priority


Purging the scourge

will allow science to reemerge

and reclaim its singular purpose

to lead humanity to its rebirth



Picture: DasWortgewand @ Pixabay Free Images


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