Moon Dance

Moon Dance Magic Midnight Light Glow Energy Flow Tanzelle Oberholster Mind Frame Shift andDNAsci.wordpress



How would you know if I danced by the light of the full moon,

when the time is twelve hours passed the noon


The ritual has but begun and to be complete,

each night hereafter shall see it repeat


Few would understand the magic at work, and

fewer still wold appreciate the beauty that unfurls by this midnight drumbeat


To and fro the energy will flow,

guided by the tidal moon glow


No-one would know if I danced with others unseen,

until I have awakened from this dream…



Drabble: 88 words

Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 27-28 July 2018

Mars at Opposition 27-31 July 2018

Saturn and Jupiter visible to the Southern Hemisphere (27 July 2018)

Picture: efes @ Pixabay Free Images


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