Dear Narcissist: I’ll take My Happiness and Go

I'll take my happiness and go Drabble Narcissism Narcissist Personality Disorder Tanzelle Oberholster andDNAsci andDNAsci.wordpress


In a world of black and white, where anything anyone does is wrong and only you are right.

From your subjective deluded perspective you have but one objective.

Spite, vengeance and scorn swirl within your heart’s storm.

Always having the last word and endlessly casting blame.

All an attempt to gain your rightful empty fame.

An endless spiral of self-destruction until tatters of every soul remains.


I endured.

I reject your words of false accusation and unfounded lies.

I cast you from my life and reclaim happiness as my prize.

For you despise yourself more, than anyone else.


Drabble: 98 words

Picture: Greyerbaby @ Pixabay


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